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Government Services Quality

​Questionnaire to Evaluate the Quality of Services.

Based on the SERVQUAL questionnaire, which is the most prominent measure of the quality of services in the world, the extent of customer satisfaction with the quality of government services is measured on a quarterly basis, and the questionnaire includes the following elements:

Reliability: Ability of the department to accurately provide services and fulfill promises.

Response: Willingness of the staff to always provide services and respond to the requirements of customers in a quick manner.

Surety: Cheerfulness of employees and their ability to inspire confidence in customers.

Care and attention: Personal attention of customers and consideration for their circumstances.

Outer Appearance: Outer appearance of the facilities, equipment and staff.

The level of satisfaction with fees is also measured, and the results of the questionnaires are then analyzed to identify opportunities for improvement and preparing action plans to achieve these improvements.

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