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The technical team in the program works to provide a distinctive contrib​ution to the empowerment of government institutions in Ras Al Khaimah to achieve continuous improvement of its performance by providing advisory and training services associated with implementing the latest international standards of excellence, and offering ongoing technical advice on the government excellence award, initiatives and projects, along with follow-ups and communication through field visits to all government institutions for support, discussion and responds to all their consultations. The program also provides consultants in the field of institutional excellence distributed in different government institutions to enable them to meet the institutional standards of excellence and improve government work to the highest levels. The program has been prepared to be a guiding model for the roles and responsibilities of these experts and specialists to ensure the achievement of goals.


The program also provides ongoing follow-up services to the institutional excellence coordinators and leaders of standards, through regular meetings held with them, in addition to the automated system g​overnment performance management.

  • Providing individual and collective technical consulting.​
  • Organizing field visits to all government institutions.
  • Providing expert consultants in the field of institutional excellence distributed in different government institutions.
  • Providing templates and frameworks to facilitate the process and simplify the preparation of various requirements.
  • Hold regular meetings to follow up the completion of the work requirements and plans for improvement and provide observations.
  • Submit reports providing guidance and guidelines to deal with excellence and various development issues.
  • Conducting assessment studies on the projects and proposals submitted by government institutions.​


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