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Government Performance Management (KPI)


Automated system for managing institutional performance

The automated system for managing institutional performance is considered one of best modern and sophisticated solutions that many of the world's governments have sought to adopt and apply in order to reach a distinct, efficient and compliant government performance consistent with strategic objectives, and to be an effective mean to review the strategy, and a control tool accessible to policy makers and senior officials to ensure achieving and updating key performance indicators and their objectives.

Based on the directives of H.H. Sheikh / Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah (may God protect him), to adopt the Outcomes Based Government methodology, and based on the interest of Ras Al Khaimah Government to keep up with the world's latest technical systems to promote the government's development process and lay the foundations for accountability and transparency,  the introduction of this system was completed in collaboration with Actuate International Corporation.

The system aims to:

  1. ​Provide a practical structure to regulate aspects of government performance in accordance with priorities.
  2. Assist in the translating the government's strategy to measurable results.
  3. Assist in monitoring and measuring the achievements of institutions to reach the desired results.
  4. Help overcome inadequacies in institutional performance and give early signs of the need to intervene and correct the path.
  5. Provide a map to determine the relations between cause and effect on the level of government institutions.
  6. Find a platform to communicate about the results and achievements of the government.

KPI system also depends on the four main areas ​​in the performance feilds​, namely:

  1. Dealers' results.
  2. Financial results.
  3. Human resources results
  4. Special strategic results.
​Where the achievement level is expressed in 3 colors:

Green: Meeting or exceeding the target level.
Yellow: Achieving the target level by 90% and 99%.
Red: Achieving less than 90% of the target level.

The system allows His Highness and government institutions' officials to directly follow through indicators the progress of achieving the required results, according to the targeted levels of performance in every area.

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