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​​Origin and Organization:

  • S​heikh Saqr Program for Government Excellence is considered as one of the government organizations entrusted with the development of the public sector in the Ras Al khaimah (RAK), in all its strategic, operational, regulatory and human aspects and levels.
  • The program was established under Emiri Decree No. (10) of 2004 dated 23/10/2004.
  • The program consists of four main units: Scholarships & Students Development Program, RAK Competitiveness Office, Organizational​​ Excellence Award, and RAK Award for Educational Excellence.

Set a unique regional example in organizational development and achieving distinct governmental leadership.

The program works to support the overall development of the emirate and its educational excellence through the sponsorship of outstanding students and preparing future leaders, institutional capacity building and empowerment of government institutions in the application of international standards of excellence.


  • Professionalism: We are committed to objectivity and professionalism in completing tasks.
  • Partnership: We adopt strategic partnership as the basis of our relations with all institutions.
  • Excellence: We keep up with developments in thought and practice and modern technology to achieve institutional excellence. 
  • Innovation: We always seek pioneering creativity and innovation in launching development initiatives. 
  • Results: We focus on evaluation and results in the implementation of activities and programs. 
  • Balance: We strive to achieve a balance between the human and technical aspects of development efforts.
  • Empowerment: We empower the users of the program to achieve self-reliance in dealing with problems and challenges.


  1. ​​​Establish and consolidate the foundations of excellence, quality and creativity in the work of government institutions.
  2. Assist in the development of institutional capacities and capabilities.
  3. Discover, attract and develop promising individual capacities and capabilities.
  4. Encourage positive competition between local institutions in light of the international excellence standards, and honor  outstanding efforts.
  5. Support the efforts of the government institutions in strategic change and transformation.
  6. Establish and support partnership efforts with various federal, regional and international institutions.
  7. Prepare studies and research for institutional development.
  8. Plan innovative development programs to improve the government's work and monitor their implementation.

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