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Leadership Styles

Leadership styles questionnaire:

Sheikh Saqr Program for Government Excellence works to develop leadership methods that research has proven to enhance the level of quality of services, and the extent the leaders practice leaderships styles that support the quality of services for presidents and manager and their deputies on a regular basis (semi-annual), and the results are presented and to determine improvement opportunities and build development plans. These leadership styles are:

Charisma: Includes the ability to induce and motivate staff and give them a clear goal, and the leader must always set an example to them in ethical behavior.

Intellectual stimulation: Includes the ability to enable staff to criticize old ways of solving problems and encourage them to explore new ways of working.

Individual attention: Understanding the needs of each employee individually and working toward staff development.

Relational Reward: Includes clarification of what is expected of employees and what they will get in return when they achieve these expectations.

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