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Community Leadership Development (KAWADER)

تطوير القيادات المجتمعية (كوادر) - Community Leadership Development (KAWADER) small.gif

In line with the wise directives to prepare a qualifie​d national leadership base, Sheikh Saqr Program for Government Excellence is pleased to organize the promising community leaders development project (Kawader), which aims to monitor, explore and highlight the promising leadership competencies in the emirate, and sponsor and develop them to contribute effectively in supporting the comprehensive development march and achieve sustainable leadership.


  • Finding promising talents and competencies in the emirate.
  • Providing opportunities for professional development and building leadership capacity for promising competencies.
  • Providing aspects of care and appreciation for local talents to ensure the sustainability of excellence.
  • Investment of promising talents in the promotion of the development process and support the efforts of local competitiveness.

Conditions and criterions:

  1. Must be a UAE citizen.
  2. Be a diploma or higher degree holder.
  3. Have experience of not less than (3) years.
  4. Be distinguished professionally.
  5. Have the ambition to assume future leadership positions.
  6. Ability to commit to the development program and devote themselves for the completion of its requirements.

Development program components

  • Opportunities for self-exploration and to identify the strengths and improvement through assessment centers.
  • Participation in outstanding conferences and seminars.
  • Intensive workshops on leadership skills in collaboration with the best international leadership development centers.
  • Enrichment courses in English.
  • Opportunities to meet and interact with distinguished leaders.

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