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Job Satisfaction

​​Questionnaire to measure employee satisfaction

Sheikh Saqr Program for Government Excellence measures the job satisfaction of Ras Al Khaimah Government employees through the job satisfaction questionnaire which aims to find out the extent of employee satisfaction of the basic elements of job satisfaction in order to identify strengths and improvement opportunities on half-yearly basis, and this questionnaire includes the following elements:

Salary and incentives: Salary and financial advantages and value of incentives, and the extent of the relation between income and performance.

Nature of the work: Workload and number of work hours, work environment, job security and the ability to influence decisions and opportunities to use technologies and do important tasks.

Work Environment: Commitment to health and safety requirements and provision of a suitable environment for outstanding performance.

Transparency: Transparency of the strategic directions and administrative procedures.

Development: Opportunities for career development and career ladder advancement.

Relationship with the manager: Contact with the direct manager, and manager's recognition of achievements and his/her fairness and administrative skills.

Relations: Relations with internal and external customers and the extent of cooperation between them.

Job satisfaction: General satisfaction about the work.​​

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