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Mystery Shopper

​In furtherance of the principle of providing added value to customers, and in support of the outstanding government department category and customer service category, the mystery shopper project was implemented to improve customer service performance in the various institutions of the Government of Ras Al Khaimah, and in the preparation of reports regarding these subjects. The reports reflect service performance level from the viewpoint of undercover shoppers through visits conducted to sites to provide services and phone calls that were made to the key contract numbers of these institutions and through browsing of their websites. The mystery shopper reports are used in the preparation of development plans, and results are used to assess the outstanding department category in customer service, and visits take place on semi-annual basis, upon which reports are submitted. The reports include the following criterions:

1.      Mystery Shopper (field visits)

  • Site (building & its premises):
Hygiene, organization, and ease of access of facilities, and availability of parking spaces and signs inside the building, and seats for customers in the waiting rooms.

  • Reception:​
Availability of guiding signs to the reception area, and the presence of the reception staff and their good guidance, and communication skills and response to customers' inquiries.

  • Transactions / performance of services:​
Facilities must have a queuing and waiting system for services, and the staff must wear name badges, it also includes the waiting time at the service center, and the extent of dissatisfaction with the total time it takes to provide the service.​

  • Knowledge and performance (employee's performance):​​​​​
Staffs' understanding of customers' inquiries and ability to provide the required information, and understanding the language of customers and providing them with a good service, respecting them and taking care of them, and the desire to provide assistance to them.

  • I​nformation:​
Availability and clarity of information regarding services and fees, and how to make a complaint or suggestion by the customers.​

  • Distinguished Service (additional criterion)​​:

Online service that provides free WiFi to customers, provide additional counters in the event of congestion, provide imaging for clients machine, provides multiple options to facilitate the process of payment (credit card, electronic payment, and the presence of automated teller machine), provide connected transactions for clients or the presence of services offered to customers at the headquarters of their presence.​


2.      Mystery Shopper (phone calls)

  • Answering the phone:

Must consider the number of calls, the time it takes the phone operator to respond to the phone calls, manner of greeting and politeness of the employee upon responding, clarity of the phone operator's voice, and his/her willingness to listen to the needs and requests of customers without interrupting them.

  • Call Forwarding:

Asking permission of customer to wait, the presence of the concerned employee and apologizing in the absence of his presence, and the availability of the concerned employee to respond to inquiries, repeating inquiries by the employee for confirmation, and addressing the customer by his/her name with words of respect.

  • Knowledge / performance:

Understanding the customer's language, staff cooperation with customers and responding to their inquiries and the desire to help, and evaluating employees knowledge and interest in customer service.

  • Call Ending:

Use of standard way to end phone calls, asking the customer whether there are any other services required, and thanking and wishing a good day for all customers.

  • Experience in general:

The extent of customer satisfaction with the service that was introduced to customers.


3.      Mystery Shopper (website browsing)

  • Logging into the website and browsing it:​
Must consider the availability of the website and number of clicks needed to get the required information and how quickly they are accessed, ease of browsing the website, being able to access the electronic links, the availability of multiple language options and options for communicating with users.

  • Communication with customers:
The period of time required to communicate with customers through the website, contacting customers, greeting customers upon contacting them, and confirm the customers' names and their data when communicating with them.

  • Providing information to customers:
Providing information that enables customers to complete their transactions, advising them and providing them with the best ways to get the required services, and thanking them and asking if all their needs have been met.

  • Degree of confidence in the effectiveness of the website:​
Satisfaction from the contents of the website and the services it provides, and the desire to re-visit the site and recommend it to friends.

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