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Award Definition


The journey of excellence in Ras Al Khaimah Government is continuous, and before the beginning of each new session of the award, there will be a comprehensive assessment and systematic review of outputs and outcomes of the previous session, in light of which the priorities and fields of focus of the award will be determined on a strategic framework to reach the desired goals in the development of government work and improvement of overall performance.

The award in its current session presents new categories and standards developed for existing categories to accommodate best practices and regulations, and taking into account the specificity of the work in the government sector of the emirate, in line with the strategic priorities to achieve the highest levels of competitiveness and excellence in the delivery of government services and customers satisfaction.

 We are confident that all our government institutions are established according to the culture of excellence, and already reached a high degree of institutional maturity that qualify them to deal with the requirements of the award in a professional manner and we wish everyone success in the field of competition and excellence.

 Award Objectives:

  1. Contribute to the development of the public sector in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah and improve institutional performance level to match international standards.
  2. Promote excellence, creativity and quality concepts, and dissemination of best administrative and professional practices, and ensure the application of more efficient and developed methods of work in the public sector.
  3. Create a competitive environment that elevates individual, collective and organizational performance to high levels of quality, excellence and innovation.
  4. Provide a guiding reference through the adoption of principles and standards that determine excellence trends and help measure the progress and development in the performance of government institutions in the emirate.
  5. Honor individuals and government institutions for outstanding achievements in various areas of institutional work.
  6. Motivate and encourage government officials at various functional levels to adopt creativity, excellence, career commitment, self-development, customer service, and efficient performance.
  7. Promote cooperation and partnership between institutions.

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